Newcomers Information Webinar

The objective was to provide newcomers with information about addressing common challenges faced by newcomers as they settle including how to cope with the accompanying emotional stress of moving to a new country.

The webinar kicked off with a presentation on KCA, its objectives, programs and initiatives by Ephraim Mwaura, the President of KCA. Mwaura also presented an overview and achievements so far under the Canadian Red Cross project which included distribution of grocery cards to 40 beneficiaries from marginalized groups across the greater Toronto area (GTA).

The Newcomers and Settlement, Catherine Matimu, provided an overview of the program and the upcoming activities of the program in 2021. Sunir Chandaria, Kenyan Honorary Council in Toronto who was the Special Guest Speaker outlined the consular services available through the Kenyan Mission in Canada. He urged newcomers to join communities, including virtual ones to help cope better with the COVID-19 pandemic. Swaleh Abdallah, a Certified Public Accountant professional in Toronto provided practical personal finance management adviceand steps newcomers can make to start building their credit and prepare themselves for home ownership. Mental health has been a great concern for Ontario residents as the COVID-19 pandemic presents various challenges for individuals and families. Dr. Florence Juma, a Registered Psychotherapist. And Ms. Eve Mpofu, a Therapeutic Counsellor provided information on how to selfidentify mood changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They also provided practical guidance on how newcomer parents can support their children to integrate better in the society. Joshua Makori, an Immigration Lawyer in Toronto, provided advice to help refugee claimants including information about legal aid and how to prepare for their hearings.

At the end of the webinar, there was a question and answer (Q&A) session to provide attendees an opportunity to ask questions relating to their personal circumstances. Additionally, there was a feedback form shared where they could provide KCA with their opinion on how effective the webinar presentations were and the level of organization.

The Panelists:

  • Sunir Chandaria - Kenya Honorary Consul
  • Swaleh Abdalla – Finance and Tax Consultant
  • Dr. Florence Juma- Registered Psychotherapist
  • Eve Mpofu - Therapeutic Counsellor
  • Joshua Makori - Immigration Lawyer

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