Program Committees


Every KCA program has a committee that consists of officials with diverse skills, expertise and experience. Most important of these officials is the drive, zeal and passion to make a change in the society. We also have committees that are meant to support the KCA Secretariat. We have both permanent and adhoc committees. The adhoc committees are usually for projects and events management. 


Newcomers & Settlement 

  1. Catherine Matimu (Chair)
  2. Terry Ortlieb
  3. Muhaari Muhaari
  4. Raphael Fernandes OLY
  5. Jane Mumbi Gitau

Women & Gender Affairs 

  1. Jackie Kariuki (Chair)
  2. Terry Ortlieb
  3. Catherine Matimu

Social Economic Empowerment (SEE)

  1. Yvonne Ouko (Chair)
  2. Zainab Williams
  3. Catherine Matimu
  4. Terry Ortlieb

Seniors Outreach 

  1. Terry Ortlieb (Chair)
  2. Monicah Kariuki

Sports & Recreation 

  1. Raphael Fernandes OLY (Chair)
  2. Shuaib Adam HSC OLY

Youth Outreach 

  1. Joy Angwero (Chair)

Careers, Education & Research (CER)

  1. Christine Kweri (Chair)

Health & Wellness 

  1. Philice Masinde (Chair)
  2. Jane Mumbi Gitau

Health & Wellness 

  1. Philice Masinde (Chair)
  2. Jane Mumbi Gitau

International Relief & Development (IRD)

  1. Isabella Onyango (Chair)
  2. Shuaib Adam OLY

Tourism, Trade & Investment (TTI)

  1. Priya Channa (Co-Chair)
  2. Dr. Francis Kangure (Co-Chair)
  3. Shuaib Adam OLY


KCA has three Secretariat Committees that aid in administrative functions of the organization.

Consular, Corporate Affairs & Stakeholders

  1. Philice Masinde (Chair)
  2. Swaleh Abdalla 
  3. Raphael Fernandes

Fundraising & Resource Mobilization

  1. Ephraim Mwaura

Communications & IT Support

  1. Minnie Karanja (Chair)
  2. Terry Mutuku
  3. Shihab Hyder


KCA has adhoc committees that provide assistance in the planning and implementation of short and medium term projects as well as events. These committees may involve external stakeholders and non-KCA officials.

COVID-19 Response 

  1. Catherine Matimu (Chair)
  2. Raphael Fernandes
  3. Terry Ortlieb
  4. Muhaari Muhaari
  5. Ephraim Mwaura


 Santa Kids Joy Drive

  1. Ephraim Mwaura (Chair)
  2. Catherine Matimu
  3. Raphael Fernandes
  4. Terry Ortlieb
  5. Muhaari Muhaari
  6. Phoebe Kagumba-Sibanda

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